Program at a glance

The schedule at a glance is given below for your reference, and the detailed schedule is to be available around December 10. You can follow the below presentation guideline for a reference at first. All the receipt, E-conference proceedings, E-program and certificate will be sent to every author by email.

  March 21, 2025 (Friday)   10:00 am - 5:00 pm   Test for virtual conference or onsite registration
  March 22, 2025 (Saturday)   9:00 am - 6:00 pm   opening + 4 keynote speeches + 4 authors' parallel sessions
  March 23, 2025 (Sunday)
  9:00 am - 6:00 pm   3 Invited speeches + 4 authors' parallel sessions


Online Presentation Guideline

☑ Preparation
Equipment needed:
1. A computer with an internet connection (wired connection recommended)
2. USB plug-in headset with a microphone (recommended for optimal audio quality)
3. Webcam (optional): built-in or USB plug-in

Environment requirement
1. Quiet Location
2. Stable Internet Connection
3. Proper lighting

☑ How to use ZOOM:
Step 1: Download Zoom from the link:
Step 2: Sign up an account.
Step 3: You can set up the languages and do some basic test.
Step 4: How to join the conference online
1/ open the program, search with your paper ID, find your presentation, you will see there is a meeting ID in each session.
2/ open the ZOOM, click the join, paste the meeting ID, then you can join the conference. (of course, you can not see anything right now, because the conference will open)
Step 5:
Get familiar with the basic functions: Rename, chat, raise hands, and screen share, etc.
The most important function is share screen, because you will use it for your online presentation.
Step6: We will have test sessions, on that day, we will teach you how to use ZOOM and the functions mentioned above, so if you don’t know how, no need to worry too much, but you must download ZOOM and sign it up, then you can join the conference.

☑ Join the text session before the formal session.
To effectively control the time and avoid some unexpected situations, We advise you record your presentation ahead of time, play the video while it’s your turn for presentation. The Video/presentation should be within 10 minutes, 5 minutes for Q&A, in total, one presentation is 15 minutes.

☑ Attention please:
1. Record: The conference will be recorded; we will appreciate your proper behavior.
2. Local Time Reminder: The time shown in this schedule is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+8) ” Malaysia Local Time, you have to check on the program for your own test time and formal presentation time, and then exchange it to the local time in your country.
3. Video Instructions: Authors can send your video or ppt (with the recorded voice explanation) to us by January 5 as a back-up, in case the internet connection failure or some unexpected situation.
And you still can be online during your presentation, you can choose to play the video/ppt, or you also can do the live oral presentation online if there is no problem on your internet or software things.
1/. Author records a video introduction with their own image, speaking to the camera, introducing themselves: name, affiliation, brief description of scope of their work
2/. Author then switches to their slides and provides a voiceover describing images in each slide
3/. Authors need to be able to upload these presentations to a location specified by YOU in advance